Lesson Plans:

Aim: To use tissue paper and ink to create a "mixed Media" collage.

Materials: asstrted colored tissue paper; oak tag; pencil; white glue; sponge brush; india ink


  • Students see and touch an variety of colored tissue paper.
  • Students discuss the transparent quality of tissue paper.
  • Teacher demonstrates the technique of applying tissue paper to oak tag background using a solution of glue and water.
  • Teacher demonstrates how to blend colors by overlapping pieces of tissue paper to achieve a variety of tones.
  • Srudents view and analyze completed work.
  • Students visit museums via the internet to view original "mixedmedia" collage.
  • To understand the use of light and dark values to create form.
  • To introduce tissue paper as a medium.
  • To understand the concept of "silhouette" and draw an outline form on the tissue paper background.
  • To create a "mixed-media" collage using tissue paper and india ink.
  • Apply tissue paper to oak tag using a solution of white glue and water
  • Overlap colored pieces of tissue paper to achieve new tones.
  • Using pencil, draw on surface of tissue paper design to create a silhouette form.
  • Fill in form using india ink. You can outline form first using black permanent marker.
Evaluation: Students demonstrate the ability to create more complex work based on their observations, recall, and imagination.

Examples: Visit our Tissue Paper page

NYS Art Standards: This lesson meets criteria for Visual Arts Standards 1, 2, 3 and 4.

  • Visual Arts Standard 1 - Students use a variety of art materials, processes, media, and techniques.
  • Visual Arts Standard 2 - Students visit a museum online, via the internet to access and view "mixed-media" art.
  • Visual Arts Standard 3 - Students discuss and write their interpretation of their own or other students' works of art.using appropriate critical language.
  • Visual Arts Standard 4 - Students explore art to understand social, cultural and environmental dimensions of human society.


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